The Pilgrim Report
Producer: Maia Horniak
Director: Angeline Armstrong
Writer: Ally Burnham
DOP: Oran Yota
Editor: Ceinwen Berry

Premiered at the Sydney Opera House, October 2013

Out of an Australian-wide pool of 700 emerging filmmakers, Angeline was selected to be mentored by Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet) to direct The Pilgrim Report, written by Ally Burnham and edited by Ceinwen Berry (Adoration, Tomorrow When the War Began). The project was funded by Samsung and forged from the partnership between Samsung and NIDA. 

When a bio-scientist stationed on Mars discovers she will never return to earth she has to enlist the help of a communication specialist in order to reverse the decision. However, when her superior officer gets wind of the plan he quickly puts a stop to their communications, dashing all hopes of escape and ending her only bond to life on earth. In a final act of human friendship the specialist manages to send her a symbol of his affection and a meaningful reminder of earth.

2.35:1 | colour | short film | 11mins | Arri Alexa | 2013